against the fish farm
Silver Swimmer protests about Dawnfresh's proposed fish farm off Bute, the day after hearing that SEPA (Scottish Environmental PROTECTION Agency) have provisionally approved Dawnfresh's plan. Nothing is decided yet. The fight goes on between opposing visions for the Glasgow's coast. October 24, 2021. Photos by Duncan McLaren.
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Silver Swimmer emerges from the village

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Silver Swimmer strides across her beloved Kilchattan Bay


Silver Swimmer points towards the proposed fish farm


Silver Swimmer on the jetty, where so much swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking starts from


Silver Swimmer is adamantly opposed to you-know-what


Silver Swimmer meets Catherine Groom and poses for her camera


Silver Swimmer thinks about the excrement and the chemicals that will emanate from the fish farm


Silver Swimmer explains about the delicacy and beauty of marine biodiversity


Silver Swimmer sees through the eyes of the seal, the otter, the dolphin.

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Silver Swimmer is front page news